New Breast Cancer Prevention Equipment

Maintaining momentum for state of the art equipment in breast cancer prevention and care, the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation secured funding for a 3D Breast Biopsy Guidance System. This funding was made possible by the generosity of a local foundation, The Mamie McFaddin Ward Heritage Foundation, and a local donors, Teressa Kountz and Tonya Heldeston.

“We are so grateful to have funding from foundations and from individuals in our area who are committed to continuing the CHRISTUS ministry by funding major medical equipment. This helps us provide lifesaving care to our patients,” said Ivy Pate, Foundation President. “The Mamie McFaddin Ward Heritage Foundation has been a steadfast supporter of CHRISTUS for years, and we are so blessed to continue that philanthropic relationship. In addition, we are honored to have the generous support of individuals like Mrs. Teressa Kountz and Tonya Heldeston, who helped fund two different piece of breast cancer prevention equipment.”

This new Biopsy System will help us to build on the measurable successes we have seen from the 3D Mammography — improved early detection rates and improved accuracy in diagnoses. This Biopsy System normally accompanies 3D Mammography systems, but had not yet before had the funding to order it.

3D Mammo Biopsy

The 3D Biopsy System is a minimally invasive procedure that uses x-ray imaging to guide the physician directly to the lesion in the breast that cannot be seen with standard 2D digital mammography. This system provides precise targeting of mammography abnormalities seen only on 3D images, aiding in confirming clearer and more definitive diagnoses. This new system speeds targeting the lesion, resulting in improved workflow, less patient radiation dose, and shorter patient procedure time.

DynacadThis system is designed with patients’ physical and emotional comfort in mind, offering more accurate, less invasive, less painful, and less time-consuming procedures for both the patient and the physician.

In addition, local donors Teressa Kountz and Tonya Heldeston also funded the new DynaCAD MRI Software. This software system, which is connected to the 3D Biopsy System, will enhance our radiologist’s confidence, productivity and accuracy. Our very own Dr. Lemeshko is the only radiologist in the Southeast Texas area that can read this software, enabling more patients to stay close to home rather than having to travel to Houston.

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