Entertainment for Waiting Room

Touch2Play KidAt CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth, the Emergency Department alone sees 8,500 pediatric patients a year. Currently, the waiting room caters to adults without any toys or entertainment for children. The Emergency Department wants to better serve the pediatric population and their families by offering a form of entertainment in the waiting room that will distract, calm, and educate. Thanks to a grant from Child’s Play, the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Foundation is now able to provide that entertainment.

Two Touch2Play Pro touchscreen game systems will be installed in the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth Emergency Department waiting room this spring.

Many times, Emergency Department wait times can be long and anxiety filled. The Touch2Play systems will help offer comfort and normalcy in an unfamiliar environment. Each game system has the capability of accessing only the websites that the staff deems safe and appropriate. It is the perfect gaming system for all ages, from toddler to teen, offering 40 family-related games with none of the violence sometimes associated with video games.

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